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Sound Boxes

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The Libo Sound Boxes provide an engaging and tactile way for children to explore the world of sound in a Montessori sensorial environment. Through exploration and experimentation with these sound boxes, children are able to combine different objects like buttons, rocks, blocks and more to create unique sounds that fascinate their senses. The durable wooden construction ensures that the products will withstand even rigorous play. As part of the sensorial category from Libo toys, these sound boxes offer a complete learning experience for toddlers and young children alike.



Libo’s Sound Boxes are a set of sensorial Montessori materials designed to help children learn phonetics and the structure of language in a fun and engaging manner. Each box contains various wooden pieces, each with its own shape, size and sound. Every piece is handcrafted from durable, child-safe materials with fine finishes that make them aesthetically pleasing. All pieces have been carefully tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

With Libo’s Sound Boxes, Montessori teachers can build a hands-on lesson plan that engages young learners while teaching them essential language skills. The boxes are colorfully illustrated with pictures to make them inviting for children, while being versatile enough to provide different exercises for budding linguists. They provide an effective way for children to explore patterns in words and develop their auditory skills by playing around with different sounds.


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