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Stand for 10 Carpets



Introducing the Stand for 10 Carpets from Libo – ideal for Montessori materials! This furniture-grade product is strong and durable, designed to hold up to 10 carpets. Constructed from high-quality materials, it can support a large amount of weight without compromising safety or stability. The four legs are anti-slip, preventing it from shifting or moving during use. With an easy assembly process and clear instructions, setting up the Stand for 10 Carpets is a breeze. Perfect for classrooms and home settings, this piece is sure to last you years!



The Stand for 10 Carpets by Libo is a must-have for every Montessori classroom. Constructed with the highest quality materials, this stand showcases 10 carpets in one convenient display. It features a sturdy frame and smooth, child-safe varnish that is sure to last through countless hours of use. In addition, each carpet is held securely in place with strong clamps that offer an air of assurance to classroom instructors. Perfect for classrooms, homeschools and daycares alike, the Stand for 10 Carpets by Libo stands as a beautiful representation of true Montessori materials.

A lot of thought has been put into making sure this product is as durable and well-crafted as possible. Its wood frame has been ethically sourced and crafted with precision; its surfaces have been hand polished to ensure a fine finish; and its clamps have been tested to provide security without damaging the carpets they hold. Its child safety features make it easy to keep children safe while participating in active learning activities around the stand, while its high quality construction ensures that this piece will look great even after regular use over time.


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