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Stand for the Farm

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Introducing the Stand for the Farm, a piece of furniture from Libo designed especially for Montessori environments. Crafted from high quality beechwood with a beautiful stained finish, this stand is perfect for storing and displaying all your favorite farming materials. It comes with four shelves, each of which can be used to store animals and plants, giving children a realistic farm experience while they learn. The unique design features rounded edges to keep kids safe from harm, making it the perfect addition to any Montessori learning space. Increase your child’s understanding of nature and explore the wonders of farming together with Libo’s Stand for the Farm!



The Libo Stand for the Farm is a perfect addition to any Montessori classroom or home. It is made from high-quality, child-safe materials and features a fine finish that will last for years. The stand is specifically designed to hold Montessori Materials like farm animals, wooden blocks, and other classroom items. It also features two shelves for additional storage of books or supplies. The shelves are adjustable in height and width so you can customize the size according to your needs.

The Libo Stand for the Farm provides an ideal way to store Montessori materials securely and neatly in any environment. Its high quality construction ensures it will be sturdy and durable over time while its fine finish ensures that it always looks great in any setting without taking away from its child safety capabilities. The adjustable shelves provide optimal flexibility when accommodating different types of materials while the overall size of the stand makes sure that it’s easy to move around should you wish to reposition it in your classroom or home.


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