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Subtraction Snake Game

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The Libo Subtraction Snake Game is a fun and interactive mathematical game designed to help children in the Montessori community develop their understanding of subtraction. The game comes with brightly-colored pieces, including snakes, ladders, counters and die. Through simple turn-based play, children gain valuable practice in simple subtraction equations, helping them to understand numeric relationships. This product provides a great way for children to learn a fundamental math concept while having fun.



The Libo Subtraction Snake Game is one of the best Montessori Materials available for mathematical learning. It is designed to help children learn about subtraction and provide hours of fun. The game features a high-quality wooden board and pieces, crafted with great care in order to have a fine finish. It is child-safe, as all the components are made of non-toxic materials that are completely safe for children’s skin contact.

The set includes twenty animal playing pieces which can be laid out in various shapes according to the instructions book provided with it, where each shape corresponds to an arithmetic problem that needs to be solved during the game. Furthermore, this product serves as an excellent teaching aid and helps develop basic mathematics skills by engaging children through playtime activities. With its compact size, this Montessori material is suitable for both home and school use as well as easy storage when not in use.


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