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Tamil Moveable Alphabet

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The Tamil Moveable Alphabet by Libo is an essential language-teaching Montessori material that helps children learn the Tamil language. It is a set of moveable alphabet cards with colorfully illustrated characters and phonetic sounds that allow children to trace and recognize letters, build words for reading and writing, and engage in creative play. This educational tool is designed to stimulate discovery, help the development of fine motor skills, promote language acquisition, and encourage reading-readiness.



Libo’s Tamil Moveable Alphabet is the perfect language learning tool for preschoolers and toddlers. Made from high quality, child-safe materials, this Montessori teaching aid allows young learners to explore their native language with fine attention to details. This tactile set consists of 26 pieces representing each consonant and vowel in the Tamil alphabet. Every piece is printed with a bold color font and has a smooth, sleek finish that encourages children to learn hands-on through play. Thanks to its secure locking mechanism, the pieces stay firmly in place during play and can be easily rearranged without any hassle. As an added bonus, Libo has included 6 large cards that allow kids to create letter combinations while honing their organizational skills—all while having fun!

Ideal for classrooms or individual lessons, Libo’s Tamil Moveable Alphabet offers a unique way of engaging children and introducing them to their native language. Not only does it intrigue curious minds but also helps enhance creative problem solving since it requires kids to arrange letters in logical order before constructing words. What’s more, its sturdy construction ensures years of use with minimal wear or tear—making it a must-have addition for any nursery school or Montessori classroom!


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