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Teen Bead Box

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Introducing the Teen Bead Box, the perfect mathematical Montessori material by Libo! This set contains 8 colorful strands of beads in different shapes and sizes which can be used to learn essential math concepts such as division, multiplication, and subtraction. Each strand is designed to allow children to practice their counting skills while also increasing their understanding of numbers. The Teen Bead Box also comes with an instructional booklet which helps guide children through proper usage of the beads for maximum learning potential. Get creative with your child and have a blast exploring mathematics with this fun Montessori material!



The Teen Bead Box from Libo is a versatile educational tool that offers children the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts with Montessori Materials. Crafted from child-safe materials, this box makes a great addition to any Montessori teaching aid. It includes 10 packages of beads, rods and cubes for teen learners, giving them an opportunity to learn about fractions geometry and arithmetic. The beads are crafted with high-quality materials and have a fine finish for long-term durability. This bead box can be used in conjunction with other Montessori mathematical materials or as a standalone resource. It’s suitable for use by multiple children at once, allowing multiple visual representations of mathematical equations so they can gain better understanding and comprehension of math concepts. With the Teen Bead Box from Libo, it has never been easier for your children to explore mathematics in an entertaining and interactive way!


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