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The Farm

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The Farm by Libo is a Montessori language material designed to help children learn through fun and engaging activities. With this material, young learners can gain hands-on experience with farm animals, plants and tools. The Farm consists of various animals and plants, plus tractor pieces to build your own vehicle. With colorful illustrations and 3-D elements, children can explore the farm in a tactile way while learning basic language concepts such as colors, nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions. This material also allows for hands-on practice of spellings and phonics rules with interactive cards featuring long/short vowels or consonant clusters. By using The Farm as part of their curriculum, kids become immersed in the world of language to develop their communication skills in a playful environment.



The Farm by Libo is the perfect language teaching aid for Montessori educators and parents. Made of child-safe materials, this premium Montessori teaching aid is sure to provide a high-quality educational experience for your little one. The fine finish and intricate craftsmanship are sure to surprise you, making it the ideal tool for language instruction.

This super fun language learning aid contains a variety of handcrafted wooden farm animals that allow children to learn about different animals, their related words and sounds. The pieces are all brightly coloured, with plenty of visual detail so that children are drawn in and engaged during playtime. Kids can create their own farmyard world, and also use them for counting activities too! With these engaging Montessori materials your child will have unlimited opportunities to learn while playing with The Farm by Libo!


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