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Thermic Bottles

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The Libo Thermic Bottle is a great Montessori Sensorial product for kids. This colorful and stylish thermic bottle features a unique design with its double-walled vacuum insulation, allowing it to maintain the temperature of your child’s favorite beverage for longer periods of time. Its lightweight and compact size also makes it easier to store or take along on outings. Not only that, but its trendy and eco-friendly design makes this an ideal addition to any Montessori learning environment.



The Libo Thermic Bottles are the perfect sensorial Montessori materials for early childhood learning. These bottles not only look great with their fine finish, but are designed with safety and durability in mind, made from child-safe materials. The high quality, lightweight design makes these bottles even more ideal for children’s learning requirements.

The thermal feature of these bottles helps to keep liquid cool or warm while also providing tactile stimulation due to the different filling levels of liquid. The various compartments enable your child to explore and identify different temperatures as part of the Montessori teaching aids. Such activities allow children to learn about temperature relationships as well as hone their fine motor skills at the same time!


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