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Third Box of Colour Tablets

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The Third Box of Colour Tablets from Libo is a great sensorial material for any Montessori classroom. This product includes 12 coloured tablets, each with two-tone colours on each side. It helps children develop their ability to discriminate colours, shades and gradation of tones. The box also features a lid that allows it to be used as a tray for sorting and arranging the tablets. The wooden pieces are shaped in such a way that allows children to build skills on fine motor coordination and tactile exploration. With this set, your child will love engaging in imaginative play while building key foundations for later learning success!



The Third Box of Colour Tablets by Libo is a great selection of Montessori Materials that can be used to promote Sensorial exploration and learning in the classroom. This set includes 36 wooden tablets in 6 different sizes, each with a different hue of color. The tablets are made with top-quality materials, ensuring that your child interacts with safe and non-toxic materials during his/her Montessori education experience. The fine finish adds an extra touch of quality, making it easier for small hands to hold.

The Third Box of Colour Tablets is designed specifically for Montessori teaching aids and can help stimulate the senses and teach children about recognizing colors through visual perception exercises. It is ideal for toddlers or preschoolers who are beginning their exploration into the world around them. Children can group the tablets according to size and color or create patterns by mixing up the different sizes and hues; they can even use them to play imaginative games! All in all, this product provides hours of educational fun while laying a foundation for future learning development!


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