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Triangle Desk

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The Libo Triangle Desk is the perfect piece of furniture for any Montessori learning environment. This triangular-shaped desk is designed to help promote independent study, allowing children to move freely and concentrate on their work. Its large open workspace provides plenty of room for books, supplies and projects. The desktop is angled for better posture and comfort, while its raised edges keep materials in place and off the floor. Durable construction ensures this desk will last. Let your children explore their own paths with the Libo Triangle Desk!



This Triangle Desk from Libo is the perfect piece of furniture for Montessori bedrooms and play areas. Constructed from child-safe materials, it has a high quality finish that looks great in any setting. Featuring a unique triangular shape, this desk creates an inspiring workspace for children to explore their imaginations and spark creativity. Its three sides offer plenty of space to work and store books and supplies with ease. With its intricate design and quality craftsmanship, this desk is the perfect addition to any Montessori room or play area.

The Triangle Desk is crafted with impeccable attention to detail to ensure long-term use without compromising on safety or durability. Its fine finish ensures that it will maintain its beautiful look for years, while the smooth surface makes it easy for kids to clean up any spills or messes with minimal effort. The triangle’s edges are rounded off for added safety, so you can trust your children to work on this desk without worry of injury due to sharp corners. All these features come together in one beautiful piece of furniture that your little ones will love!


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