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Unit Cups (2)



The Libo Unit Cups (2) are a Montessori-style mathematical learning tool designed to help children learn basic counting and subitizing skills. This set includes two plastic cups in graduated sizes that children can use to develop visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and identify patterns. The cups come with a number of accessories, including 10 colored balls, counting cards and matching activities. The Unit Cups (2) is an ideal resource for hands-on learning in the elementary classroom.



Libo’s Unit Cups (2) are the perfect choice for any Montessori classroom. Made from high quality materials, these colorful cups are crafted with a fine finish that make them safe for young children. These durable cups feature multiple compartments which allow children to learn the basics of measuring by pouring liquid from one cup to another. Libo’s Unit Cups (2) provide children with a hands-on approach to mathematics, allowing them to explore and develop their understanding of measurements. The sturdy construction is designed to last, ensuring that your child can enjoy these Montessori teaching aids for years to come. With Libo’s Unit Cups (2), you can be sure that your classroom is filled with the highest quality materials and supplies, providing an engaging environment that encourages exploration and learning through play.


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