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Vegetable Puzzle

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The Libo Vegetable Puzzle is an interactive activity designed for infants and toddlers. This wood puzzle features colorful images of vegetables such visual and tactile educational tool. It encourages creative thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination as children figure out how to fit the pieces together. The Montessori method also offers a unique teaching opportunity as children learn about sequencing, matching, colours and shapes while they play with this brightly illustrated book.



The Libo Vegetable Puzzle is an ideal material for Montessori teaching that encourages toddlers to develop their fine motor skills. This vegetable puzzle set is made of high quality, child safe materials and designed with a fine finish. All of the pieces fit snugly together, creating a captivating 3D shape that toddlers can manipulate with ease. The various vegetables pieces are printed in realistic colors to provide maximum visual appeal and stimulate the senses. With this educational puzzle, toddlers learn to distinguish different shapes and sizes while honing their problem-solving abilities.

This Montessori teaching tool helps cultivate an appreciation for whole foods in young children while developing their cognitive functions such as problem-solving, concentration and motor skills. Highly durable yet lightweight construction ensures that the Libo Vegetable Puzzle will withstand frequent use without compromising safety or quality standards. This carefully crafted toy encourages children to become more independent and confident as they master each level of difficulty with ease!


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