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Velcro Frame

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The Libo Velcro Frame is a practical life-based Montessori material designed to help children develop their fine motor skills while learning to manage their environment. This versatile frame can be used in several ways, such as attaching objects with velcro strips or using the included double sided velcro to attach pouches, cards and other items. With its lightweight design and sturdy construction, this frame is ideal for both classroom and home use. Children can also learn important concepts of independence, logic and order while using the Velcro Frame.



The Libo Velcro Frame is an essential practical life Montessori material for children. This high-quality product is made with child-safe materials and a fine finish, making it the perfect teaching aid. The frame features three compartments where various objects can be placed to create tactile activities that help encourage hand-eye coordination and other physical skills. It also helps develop visual perception through the colors, shapes, and sizes of the items placed in each compartment. The themed pieces come attached with Velcro strips which allows them to be easily rearranged. This feature encourages problem-solving skills while children explore each item’s functionality in relation to the others in the frame. With its durable construction and bright colors, this Montessori material is sure to provide hours of fun for any learner!


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