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Wood cupboard (48x36x18)



Libo Wood Cupboard: Add a stylish touch to your classroom with this 48″x36″x18″ wood cupboard from Libo. Its classic design and elegant finish provide plenty of storage space for Montessori materials. Its sturdy construction ensures lasting durability and is the perfect addition to any Montessori environment.



This stunning 48x36x18 Wood Cupboard from Libo is the perfect addition to any Montessori classroom. Handcrafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, this cupboard features a fine finish that will last for years to come. The top surface is designed for display items and other teaching materials, while the two doors open to reveal four shelves for additional storage. The shelves are adjustable and can be moved up and down or removed completely to fit different sized items or accommodate different needs. Additionally, the cupboard has been made with rounded corners and edges that ensure children’s safety even when they are close by. Thanks to its beautiful construction and long-lasting quality, this wood cupboard is an ideal piece of furniture for any Montessori classroom.

The Libo Wood Cupboard is also a great addition to home settings, as it offers a stylish way of organizing books and art supplies without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. This piece of furniture will blend in beautifully with existing décor while providing a great deal of storage space too – helping you keep your rooms clean and organized in one simple step! With its classic design and durable construction, this wood cupboard will stay in good condition for years to come – offering your family members plenty of opportunities for creative playtime or study time!


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