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Wooden Grammar Symbols

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The Libo Wooden Grammar Symbols are perfect for your Montessori language studies! These colorful wooden symbols come with shapes such as the comma, period, quotation marks, colon and semicolon. Each set also includes directions on how to use these symbols for proper grammar instruction. They are a great way to help children understand the basics of English writing and speaking. With their bright colors and easy to grip design, these symbols help engage the children in learning. Perfect for any Montessori language class!



The Wooden Grammar Symbols from Libo are a high-quality language teaching aid that brings Montessori learning methods to children. Crafted with child-safe materials, these colorful wooden pieces are an excellent way to help kids learn grammar rules and syntax. Each set includes nine different symbols, featuring smooth edges and fine finishes for a safe learning experience. The bright colors of the pieces spark children’s interest and make it fun to sort and match the symbols while exploring the foundations of language.

Ideal for children ages 3 years old and up, Wooden Grammar Symbols provide hours of educational entertainment as children playfully figure out how each symbol is used in a sentence. Parents love how this Montessori teaching aid reinforces the importance of grammar in language acquisition and encourages cognitive development in their kids. This novice set is easy for kids to understand yet stimulating enough to pique their curiosity, making it a great addition to any Montessori learning center or home environment.


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