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Wooden Tray

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The Wooden Tray by Libo is a high-quality and classic Montessori material perfect for your practical life activities. It comes with a solid wood construction that provides durability and stability, making it suitable for everyday use. The tray has two sides made of smooth sided panels that are painted in natural colors, great for presenting items in an organized manner. This is an ideal product to help teach kids basic life skills like sorting, organizing, stacking, counting, and more.



The Libo Wooden Tray is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring both reliability and safety for children. It has been specially crafted with a fine finish to make a lasting impression as part of practical life Montessori Materials. This wooden tray also comes with special child-safe silicone feet, to ensure that it remains in place on any surface and does not move unexpectedly. In addition to it being practical and safe, this wooden tray has been designed as an elegant aid for Montessori teaching. With its smooth edges, the contrast between its natural grain texture and soft color will encourage your child’s hand-eye coordination as they learn through playtime activities. The longevity of this product is also ensured due to its high quality construction. This tray will last through many years of imaginative games, learning exercises and everyday tasks.


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