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45 Bead Units

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The 45 Bead Units from Libo are a great way to introduce young children to mathematical principles. This set includes four units of 10 beads in red and blue, plus five extra white beads for comparison. Each unit features a black frame with numbered notches that can be used for counting and sorting activities. With the help of this Montessori-style material, children will have the opportunity to explore concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The color-coded beads also make it easy for them to visualize larger numbers and fractions. Overall, this set is an effective educational tool designed to support every child’s development in a fun way!



The Libo 45 Bead Units is a high-quality Mathematical Montessori Material designed to help children improve their mathematical skills. It is made from child safe materials and has a fine finish that makes it ideal for learning. This teaching aid consists of 45 beads in three colors, red, yellow and blue, which can be combined to create equations. With its easy-to-manage design and supreme quality construction, the Libo 45 Bead Units is the perfect choice for parents or teachers looking to add an extra layer of math education to their child’s learning experience.

The Libo 45 Bead Units offers an array of fun activities that help promote analytical thinking while also fostering cooperation and teamwork among students. The pieces are divided into units that can be handled easily by small hands, making them great for group play as well as individual worksheets. It encourages problem solving initiatives, helps kids visualize numbers in order to find solutions efficiently. In addition to helping students practice basic math skills such as counting, adding and subtracting, this product can also be used for sorting activities and pattern recognition exercises that will help your kid become even more proficient in mathematics.


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