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A Large Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters)



The Libo Large Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters) is a perfect Montessori material for introducing language to your children! This set includes 10 letters of the alphabet on sturdy wooden pieces, allowing children to manipulate and explore the fundamental building blocks of language. The pieces are moveable, making it easy for kids to practice spelling, identify letter sounds and build simple words. The aesthetically pleasing design will capture your child’s imagination while offering an educational play experience that promotes language development.



The Libo Large Moveable Alphabet (10 Letters) is a must-have item in any Montessori classroom or language teaching aid collection. The large colourful letters, made of high-quality materials, are perfect for helping young children learn the alphabet and improve their reading and writing skills. The set includes 10 large letters – A to J – that can be moved around easily by the child and create simple words to help with early literacy.

The Libo Moveable Alphabet has been designed with child safety in mind. The wooden letters are made from grade-A wood and have been finished with a non-toxic paint to meet all international standards, meaning that little ones can use them safely and without fear of harm or choking hazards. Moreover, the edges have an extra fine finish for soft touch feeling during playtime, making this Montessori teaching aid perfect for early childhood learning!


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