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Bag Clips Frame

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The Libo Bag Clips Frame is a practical life Montessori material designed to help children become comfortable with organization and order. It consists of a sturdy board with eight colorful plastic clips, each numbered and labeled to help children learn left-to-right sequence, mathematical concepts such as counting and grouping, sorting, matching, and other skills. These skills also help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development. The Bag Clips Frame helps to foster a child’s independence in self-care activities such as getting dressed. The frame’s lightweight design allows for easy storage on shelves or in drawers, making it perfect for home or classroom use.



This Bag Clips Frame from Libo is an essential part of Montessori practical life materials. The frame is a tool designed to help children learn competence, order and coordination. It provides a safe and secure way for children to practice their fine motor skills with everyday objects in a Montessori setting.

Made with high quality materials, the frame has smooth edges, a fine finish and most importantly, child-safe materials making it safe for any environment. Children can use the frame in various ways: To clip plastic bags together at the top or bottom so they can open and close them; to remove objects from one container to another; or simply as an opening/closing exercise. With this Bag Clips Frame, your little ones get creative while learning important lessons!


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