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Shoe Lacing Frame

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The Libo Shoe Lacing Frame is an essential practical life material designed to help young children learn shoe lacing. This wooden frame features two canvas laces and four eyelets which allow children to tie and untie their shoes independently. The tactile shape of this frame makes it easy for small hands to control the shoe laces. It encourages self-help skills and promotes independence, while allowing toddlers to develop the fine motor skills they need when learning how to dress themselves. This sturdy, high-quality product is sure to last a lifetime!



The Libo Shoe Lacing Frame is a practical life Montessori learning material designed with child safety in mind. This Montessori teaching aid helps children practice the essential task of shoe tying. It’s constructed of high quality materials and finished with a fine finish, ensuring maximum durability and child safety. The laces come in three different colors, enabling children to complete the task in fun and interactive way. Not only does this product give children an extra dimension of independence, it also helps develop their problem-solving skills as they work their way through each lace pattern. Perfect for any Montessori classroom or daycare center, the Libo Shoe Lacing Frame can help make your little ones independent while they learn important life skills. With its premium construction and an easy-to-use design, this frame will last for years to come so your students can use it over and over again!


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