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Bow Frame

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The Bow Frame from Libo is an essential practical life material for Montessori classrooms. This product is comprised of a wooden frame with 9 slots in a bow shape, which allows the user to explore of the concept of repetition, order, and classification. The Bow Frame comes with nine red wooden discs that can be placed into the slots and removed as desired for endless skill building opportunities. Ideal for children ages 2-6, this material supports fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and discrimination.



The Bow Frame by Libo is a smart and practical choice for Montessori teachers and teachers alike. This wooden frame offers an opportunity to introduce your child to the wonderful world of geometry while simultaneously mastering fine motor skills. Crafted from high quality solid wood and stained in a natural finish, it is safe and non-toxic; making it ideal for children of all ages. Not only visually appealing due to its fine detail, the frame also contains different thicknesses of wire that vary in length; allowing your little one to practice manual dexterity.

A great interactive teaching aid, this montessori material encourages concentration, independence, organizational skill development along with spatial awareness all of which are essential traits for growing minds. Suitable for both home use as well as school environments; this bow frame offers endless possibilities when combined with other practical life montessori materials such as tongs, tweezers amongst many others; all designed especially with the little ones in mind!


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