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Safety Pin Frame

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The Libo Safety Pin Frame is the perfect tool for your Montessori Practical Life materials. This sturdy frame is made of metal and comes with safety pins to help attach materials to it. It can also be used as a decorative item on its own, adding a touch of elegance to your classroom or home. The frame is designed to be portable and light, making it easy to transport around. With its stylish and innovative design, the Libo Safety Pin Frame will help make life easier and more organized!



Introducing the Safety Pin Frame by Libo – a practical life Montessori materials you and your children will love! This high quality wooden frame is perfect for encouraging children to practice fine motor skills, such as pinching, grasping and releasing. The frame features 8 pins on each side, each securely fastened with strong metal hinges. Crafted from child safe materials with a fine finish to protect little hands from splintering or poking, this durable frame is built to last.

Not just practical but fun! The Safety Pin Frame makes learning enjoyable and engaging for kids of all ages. Great for Montessori teaching aids, it’s an educational toy that inspires creativity in imaginative play, sensory exploration and problem solving. From threading beads and buttons onto the pins to exploring the tactile sensation of pulling up pins, kids will be busy experimenting with different activities while developing their hand-eye coordination.


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