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Stand for 12 Dressing Frames

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The Libo Stand for 12 Dressing Frames is a perfect addition to any Montessori Practical Life collection. The attractive, wooden stand features 12 dowel pegs to conveniently hang the coordination of movement and dressing activities, such as zipping, buttoning and lacing dressing frames. It’s designed to help children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Perfect for classrooms and playrooms of all sizes!



The Libo Stand for 12 Dressing Frames is a practical and convenient way to store, organize and showcase Montessori materials such as dressing frames. This high-quality stand is made from premium child-safe material and has a neat, fine finish. It can hold up to 12 frames and easily folds away when not in use for space efficient storage.

This stand is ideal for classrooms or home use, as it allows children to independently select the right material at their own level without a teacher needing assistance. The elegant look of this item makes it perfect as decorative piece in addition to being an effective teaching aid tool. Ideal as part of any Montessori Practical Life Materials collection, the Libo Stand for 12 Dressing Frames brings convenience and style together!


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