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Broom Stand

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The Libo Broom Stand is an essential item for any Montessori home. It provides children with the opportunity to practice and develop their Practical Life skills, such as independence, decision-making and responsibility. This stand is designed with a classic wooden finish and features two adjustable slots to store brooms securely. The top shelf has two separate compartments to store other items like dustpans or mops, while the bottom shelf can be used for cleaning supplies like sponges or brushes. The Libo Broom Stand is a sturdy and reliable addition to any child’s learning environment.



The Libo Broom Stand is the ideal practical life Montessori tool to help children learn motor skills and orderliness in their everyday activities. Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, this broom stand is designed to withstand regular use while remaining a safe learning environment. The simple design has been sanded down and polished for a fine finish that looks both natural and attractive, making it the ideal accessory for any Montessori classroom or home.

The Libo Broom Stand is available in three different sizes and can store up to three standard brooms, mops or other household tools that your child may need to learn how to use. Featuring separate compartments for each tool ensuring it remains secure when not in use, as well as an adjustable stand so that it’s height can be easily adjusted for use by children of all ages. It features strong fixings and internal supports to ensure stability and provide enhanced safety features making this broom stand one of the most versatile Montessori Teaching Aids on the market today.


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