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Buckling Frame

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The Buckling Frame from Libo is a quality practical life Montessori material. It helps children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving abilities, while they practice basic concepts like matching and grasping. With this frame, children can buckle the rings onto the ends of the poles to create shapes and take apart the frames when they’re done. It is recommended for kids aged 3 and above.



The Libo Buckling Frame is a practical life Montessori material that helps children to learn the concepts of handling objects with care and precision.It will prove to be a valuable asset in their lives as they learn how to transfer objects from one place to another. The frame is made from child safe, high-quality materials with a fine finish. It features two sets of buckles, both of which can be used in different ways to demonstrate the basics of buckle-clasping techniques. The frame comes with removable boards for custom activities and space for organizing accessories when required. It’s an ideal addition to home or classroom settings, encouraging organized educational playtime at any age!
Its visual appeal helps young children engage with it by understanding how the buckles get closed or opened more easily than other items and makes it more fun for them as they carry out various activities within the scope of Montessori teaching aids. The Libo Buckling Frame is also an excellent way for parents and teachers alike to promote fine motor skills in an enjoyable setting without requiring much effort on their part!


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