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Lace Frame

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Libo’s Lace Frame is a practical life Montessori material that provides your child with an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills. Featuring a wooden frame in a traditional Montessori terracotta color, this toy includes colorful woven laces that can be used for weaving and lacing activities. Your child can put their creativity to the test as they learn hand-eye coordination by weaving, tying, knotting and unknotting the laces. With Libo’s Lace Frame, your little one will stay engaged while enhancing their fine motor skills at the same time!



The Libo Lace Frame is an essential practical life Montessori material that helps children develop both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This product is made with the highest quality materials and features a smooth lacquered finish, designed to be child safe. The sleek and sturdy frame design is perfect for use in Montessori teaching aids, as it allows children to easily thread colorful laces through its holes without any added frustration. This overall makes learning more enjoyable for kids, as they are presented with a stimulating visual activity that encourages their creativity. Not only does this product help foster children’s growth in an engaging way, but its high-quality construction ensures enduring use at home or in the classroom.


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