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Small Button Frame

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The Libo Small Button Frame is a practical life toy that provides a great introduction to an important life skill for young children – how to how to do up buttons. The frame is wooden and designed with three different buttons – small, medium, and large – that can be used by children aged 3-6 years old. It also features matching holes for each size button which allows the kids to practice doing up their shoes or clothing items while having fun with this educational tool. The Libo Small Button Frame helps teach kids the necessary coordination and fine motor skills needed in order to do up buttons independently and provides endless entertainment as they learn one of life’s essential skills.



The Libo Small Button Frame is a practical life Montessori material designed to provide children with essential sensory and motor skill development. This activity frame is constructed with high quality, child-safe materials, such as premium wood and fine finishes. The small button frame features round buttons in various sizes for the children to thread onto a wooden frame. As one of Libo’s Montessori teaching aids, this product allows children to practice their hand-eye coordination, fine motor control and visual discrimination skills while they enjoy the fun of learning. With its bright colors and tactile elements, this activity will capture their attention while promoting concentration. The Libo Small Button Frame encourages exploration and creativity in the classroom, inspiring young minds to learn more about themselves and the world around them!


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