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Bag Hanger (1 inches)



The Libo Bag Hanger (1 inch) is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture that provides practical storage in any room. This hanger is perfect for mounting on walls, shelves, or cubbies to hold your bags, purses, coats, and other items. The solid wood construction is designed to last with a natural finish that will compliment any décor. It’s 1-inch wide design allows you to hang multiple bags at once while providing enough stability and strength to carry large loads. This Montessori material offers classic style with modern features that make it an essential addition to any home.



The Libo Bag Hanger provides the perfect solution to adding more storage and organizing items in your Montessori environment. This 1 inch high quality bag hanger features an easy-to-install design that fits securely on any wall or door. The finishing is fine, crafted with child safe meterials that are both durable and non-toxic. It will not only help you keep track of the placement of books, clothes, or other items but at the same time provide a attractive look to the environment.

This bag hanger is designed specifically for Montessori Materials, making it perfect for classrooms where their safety material requirements are a priority. Its innovative design allows for several bags to be hung from it at once and makes use of height to maximize space efficiency so less area needs to be used for storage purposes in your environment. With its strong materials and long lasting construction, this Libo bag hanger proves itself as being most reliable when it comes to hanging items off walls or doors while providing a aesthetically pleasing feature as well!


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