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Long Division cabinet

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The Libo Long Division cabinet is a revolutionary piece of furniture perfect for any Montessori classroom. This multi-functional, high-quality cabinet aids in teaching long division concepts with the help of colorful and engaging materials. It has a spacious top section and three drawers, where you can store pencils, papers and other supplies. The cabinet also includes seven compartments for keeping all your educational materials organized and easily accessible. With its unique design and robust construction, this Long Division Cabinet from Libo is sure to become an important an invaluable part of your Montessori classroom setup!



The Libo Long Division Cabinet is an ideal piece of Montessori furniture for your home or classroom. It provides a child-safe space to store and learn long division equations in a fun, creative way. This cabinet is crafted with high quality materials that are designed to last. The frame is made from solid wood and finished with fine veneers to create a beautiful, sophisticated look that your child can be proud of while they work on their math skills. Child safety is paramount, so all of the surfaces are smooth and rounded to protect little hands from any splinters or sharp edges.

The Libo Long Division Cabinet also comes with the necessary Montessori materials such as tactile wooden tiles, sandpaper number cards and colored rods for sorting. Everything fits neatly inside the cabinet when not in use, keeping your home or classroom neat and organized. Each piece has been specially designed for educational use, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room’s décor. In short, the Libo Long Division Cabinet is both a great educational tool and a stunning piece of furniture for any home or school!


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