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Chimpanzees Puzzle

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The Libo Chimpanzees Puzzle provides children with a creative and educational way to explore the world of animals. The puzzle features two large, wooden pieces that fit together in a variety of ways to form the chimpanzees. Made from quality materials, this Montessori-inspired puzzle encourages problem solving, concentration and hand-eye coordination skills. With its vibrant colors and intricate details that capture the spirit of these amazing creatures, this puzzle is sure to provide hours of fun for children.



The Chimpanzees Puzzle by Libo is perfect for Montessori learners. This high quality puzzle is constructed of child safe meterials and has a fine finish that will make any parent proud. With beautifully crafted shapes in various sizes, your little one will develop their manipulative and problem solving skills as they explore the pieces. With vivid colors and detailed animals, this puzzle will create an atmosphere of interactive play for your little one to learn about the world around them.

The Chimpanzees Puzzle by Libo uses Montessori materials for a holistic approach in learning. Constructed of different types of wood such as beech and maple, each piece is carefully sanded to ensure a smooth finish so children can safely explore the pieces without scratching their skin. Every edge is carefully rounded making every piece perfectly gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing while ensuring that all edges are safe against baby’s hands while they solve the puzzle.


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