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Coloured Disc On Dowel

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The Coloured Disc On Dowel from Libo is a Montessori material designed for infants and toddlers. This colorful, wooden set includes 10 discs and 2 dowels in shades of blue, green, red, and yellow. They are made with smooth round edges that are safe for little hands. The discs can be used to practice sorting and matching skills, pattern recognition, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. This set is a great way to help your little one learn basic shapes and colors in an active way.



The Libo Coloured Disc On Dowel is a must-have Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. This high quality child-safe material is made from hardwood and finished with a non-toxic varnish to ensure its durability and safe handling for the children. It features eight colourful discs that slide onto different sized pegs, allowing infants and toddlers to learn about colour recognition, size identification, and fine motor skills. The discs gradually increase in size from one side of the dowel to the other, making it easy for kids to differentiate between them. Furthermore, this early learning tool also promotes visual tracking from one disc to another as they move up or down along the dowel. With its vibrant colours, smooth finish, and tactile design this product helps kids improve their cognitive skills while having educational fun!


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