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Board Locking Gear

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The Libo Board Locking Gear is the perfect Montessori material for infants and toddlers. It is designed to easily secure a tabletop or other surface, allowing little ones to learn safely and independently. The Board Locking Gear has a solid locking system that secures materials securely to the table, preventing accidental detachment. It’s made from high-grade materials and includes adjustable screws for easy installation. With its intuitive design, it helps develop spatial awareness, problem solving skills, and more. The Libo Board Locking Gear is an ideal tactile tool for any child’s learning environment.



The Libo Board Locking Gear is an essential Montessori Teaching Aid that has been designed to promote safe and secure playtime for children. This board locking gear helps infants and toddlers to engage in self-directed activities safely, as it is made from top-quality, 100% child-safe materials. Featuring a fine finish and anti-slip surface, this product not only looks great but also offers a durable and reliable surface for the children to play on.

Incorporating the Montessori teaching method into your playtime will surely keep your kids stimulated and engaged with educational activities. This board locking gear from Libo encourages exploration, promotes independent learning, develops holism of thoughts and helps foster motor skills development through its unique design. It is both easy for parents to use and fun for kids to explore with – making it an ideal addition to any family’s collection of safety essentials!


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