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Diminishing Circles

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Diminishing Circles by Libo is a classic Montessori material perfect for infants and toddlers. This product consists of four colorful wooden circles connected by sturdy strings. It encourages children to explore the concept of diminishing size while pulling and manipulating the circles at the same time, developing their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving abilities. The bright colors also stimulate visual perception in young minds as they engage with the product. Diminishing Circles by Libo is an ideal learning tool for parents who want to help their children develop essential skills in a fun and interactive way.



Diminishing Circles by Libo are the ideal Montessori Materials for infants and toddlers. Constructed using safe, child-safe materials, Diminishing Circles is a set of six beautiful nesting circles in different sizes and colors. The quality of the construction is top-notch and the fine finish makes them visually appealing to young children. Each circle is slightly curved on one side and flat on the other, allowing them to fit perfectly together when nested. In addition, each set comes with a wooden stand so that you can show it off in your home or preschool classroom.

Diminishing Circles are an essential teaching aid for Montessori-style classrooms as they help promote spatial understanding and help children practice basic motor skills by nesting the circles back together again after they have been separated. They also encourage imagination as they can be used in a variety of imaginative play scenarios such as making tents or houses with them. The natural wood finish makes these an attractive addition to any infant’s toy collection while also promoting cognitive learning by providing an interesting tactile experience for little hands.


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