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Fabric box

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Libo’s Fabric Box is an essential Montessori sensorial material that encourages the development of tactile discrimination and strengthening of fine motor skills. The box, made from soft fabric with wooden corners and decorations, contains 9 differently patterned squares in 4 different colors. By placing their finger through the fabric on each side, children are able to feel different textures as they switch squares. With this fun way of learning about texture and color recognition, Libo’s Fabric Box is sure to inspire young minds!



The Fabric Box by Libo is an ideal Sensorial Montessori Material for enhancing fine motor skills. It’s a fun and creative way to introduce children to the world of touch and texture. This box is made up of wooden frames with various fabrics within each one. The fabrics are bright, soft, and colorful which truly captivate a little one’s attention while they play.

These materials are specifically selected to be safe for small hands, as well as being durable enough to withstand busy classroom activities. They are made out of high quality, child-safe materials with fine finish that ensure both their comfort and durability. Not only do these materials meet the standards of Montessori Teaching Aids but they also bring tremendous fun for little ones. This product will definitely make any classroom setting more stimulating and enjoyable!


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