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Circles and Squares and Triangles

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The Libo Circles and Squares and Triangles Sensorial set is a great way to introduce children to the basic shapes. It includes a variety of brightly colored circles, squares, and triangles that are perfect for exploring beginning geometry concepts. This set allows children to explore, compare, identify and combine shape properties in a fun and stimulating way. This Montessori materials set will help your child develop their sensory skills as well as their understanding of form, size, orientation and color. Bring the world of shapes alive with this engaging Libo Circles and Squares and Triangles Sensorial set today!



Circles and Squares and Triangles is a set of fun and educational Sensorial Montessori Materials made by the renowned brand Libo. The set develops children’s tactile sense, hand-eye coordination and visual discrimination skills while they have lots of fun playing with it. It is made with child-safe materials that are high-quality and have a fine finish. The toys’ unique designs help enhance the learning experience, stimulating children to explore different sizes, shapes and colours as they play along. This Montessori teaching aids offer an enriching opportunity for learning important pre-academic concepts in a playful manner.


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