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Cylinder blocks-Set of 4

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The Libo Cylinder Blocks-Set of 4 is a Sensorial Montessori material designed to help children explore the physical qualities of objects. This set contains four cylinder blocks made from natural, untreated wood that have been finely polished and sanded for a safe and smooth finish. The varying dimensions of the blocks give children the opportunity to discriminate between sizes, shapes, and volume. They can also practice stacking and sorting skills as they explore these blocks in fun ways. These blocks are an essential part of any Montessori environment and are sure to engage young learners at home or in the classroom.



The Cylinder Blocks-Set of 4 from Libo is an essential Montessori teaching aid. This set of four wooden cylinder blocks are perfect for sensorial exploration in the Montessori classroom, and can be used to teach children about shapes, sizes, measurement and weight. They are made from highly durable child-safe materials and boast a fine finish with smooth corners for maximum safety.

This set includes four cylinders made in graduated sizes that slide inside one another like nested doll pieces. They are crafted with high quality attention to detail by skilled artisans, meaning they will last through many rounds of playtime teaching. Furthermore, the natural wood colour means they will look great as part of your classroom aesthetics too!


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