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Fraction Squares

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The Libo Fraction Squares set is perfect for introducing fractions to toddlers and infants. This set of educational learning materials contains an array of colorful, wooden squares with each square divided into a different fraction. The Fraction Squares are excellent for exploring the concept of fractions, understanding visual representations and can be used to work on basic fractional mathematics. It is easy to use, safe for younger children and includes an instruction sheet with helpful activities. This product is the perfect way to get your little ones started on understanding fractions in a fun environment!



The Fraction Squares from Libo is an essential aid for any Montessori teacher. Designed to help infants and toddlers learn and understand simple fractions, this high quality set is crafted using child-safe materials. The squares are made with a fine finish and include diagrams that illustrate the different fractions with vivid colours, making them easy to understand. With multiple vibrant shapes included, children can use the squares to get hands-on experience in basic principles of mathematics. The product also includes a detailed instruction sheet that offers helpful guidance for teachers so they can explain fractions in an interactive way. Parents will also find this set an ideal way to help their young children develop early problem solving skills from a young age.


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