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Play Sink

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Libo Play Sink is the ideal furniture item for Montessori classrooms. This durable sink unit is designed to provide a fun and safe environment in which children can explore water play, sensory play, and practical life skills. It features two plastic tubs, a stainless steel faucet, and wide basin that is easy to clean. Perfect for the classroom or home setting, this product encourages imagination and exploration while teaching hand-eye coordination and other important life skills. With its classic design, robust materials, and convenient features, Libo Play Sink is a great choice for any Montessori classroom or home.



The Play Sink by Libo is the perfect pieces of Montessori Furniture to add to your home. It has been crafted with child safety in mind with all materials used being non-toxic, highly durable and easy to clean. With its hand-painted finish, it looks like a real sink, adding realism to playtime. The rustic design is also visually appealing and will be a great addition to any Montessori setup.

This play sink is made from high quality materials that have been carefully selected for their fine finish and long lasting durability. It features an ergonomically designed height that can easily be adjusted depending on the age of your child making it perfect for those in the 3 years old range up to 7 years old stage of development. The sink also encourages imaginary play, teaching children early life skills such as washing dishes or being a chef safety and encouraged independency through self help tasks like getting a drink of water directly from the tap!


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