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Roll Out Balls Imbucare Box

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Libo’s Roll Out Balls Imbucare Box is the perfect Montessori materials for infants and toddlers. This unique box encourages independent exploration and easy mastery of concepts like color recognition, facial expressions and texture exploration. With a combination of hands-on activities, your little one can find the colorful wooden balls inside the box while they practice fine motor skills. The design of this Imbucare Box also allows it to be rolled out on the floor, giving children an additional way to explore their environment and giving parents a hassle-free way to store their Montessori materials.



Introducing the Roll Out Balls Imbucare Box from Libo, the perfect Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. Made from high quality, child-safe materials, this carefully crafted box helps children develop fine motor skills and stimulates their visual stimulation. This attractive box features a tough wooden exterior that has been polished with a fine finish for maximum durability. It also contains 8 colourful wooden balls that can be easily pushed one at a time out of the box to encourage children’s hand-eye coordination and sense of exploration. In addition to stimulating visual impulses, this unique Montessori tool is well suited for developing gross motor skills through its tactile play feature. Children will love discovering how to manipulate the balls in and out of the Imbucare Box as they gain greater control over their movements. With its beautiful appearance, super durability and low maintenance required, this Roll Out Balls Imbucare Box is sure to entertain children while promoting their development.


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