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Set 3 Nesting Trays Large Medium Small

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The Libo Set 3 Nesting Trays is an ideal Montessori material for infants and toddlers to practice their skills. The set includes three nesting trays – large, medium and small – perfect for sorting and nesting activities. With this set, children can work on their fine motor skills while improving their concentration and discipline. The soft edges provide a safe environment for them to explore freely without the risk of any injury. It’s a fun way to introduce early learning concepts through hands-on play!



The Libo Set of 3 Nesting Trays is the perfect Montessori teaching aid. It includes one large, medium, and small tray made of child-safe materials for safe exploration and play. They are constructed with high quality workmanship, boasting smooth edges and a fine finish for optimal safety and comfort when used with small children. The stackable design allows children to practice measuring and sorting, while the wide range of uses encourages open-ended discovery. Whether it’s a sorting game or use in a Montessori classroom, this set of nesting trays is ideal for any activity or lesson plan involving infants and toddlers. With its durable construction, high quality materials, fine finish, and convenient stack ability feature—this nesting tray set from Libo is sure to become a beloved accessory in your Montessori environment.


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