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Three Discs On A Vertical Dowel

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The Libo Three Discs On A Vertical Dowel is a stimulating and fun Montessori material designed for infants and toddlers. It comes with three differently colored discs that can be placed on the vertical dowel. This encourages hand-eye coordination, visual perception and matching skills in young children. Children can also use this activity to develop their concentration, fine motor skills, pre-math skills and problem solving abilities. The sturdy wooden construction makes it both durable and aesthetically pleasing for any playroom or classroom. This product is sure to bring educational fun to your little one!



The Three Discs On A Vertical Dowel, by Libo, is the perfect Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. Featuring 3 discs of varying colors on a vertical dowel, this activity helps little ones develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Crafted from top quality materials in bright colors with a fine finish, this product is sure to capture the attention of any child. Every part is securely installed for maximum safety, making it perfect for playtime learning and exploration.

Libo’s Three Discs On A Vertical Dowel provides both fun and educational elements with its innovative design. Sturdy construction ensures that it will withstand hours of use while the smooth edges ensure that even smaller children are safe when playing with it. Not only is it an ideal tool to help kids learn but also makes an attractive addition to any room or nursery bedroom décor thanks to its vibrant colors and eye-catching design.


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