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Toddler Table (24×24)

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Introducing the Libo Toddler Table, a 24″ by 24″ furniture piece crafted with Montessori materials. This table is designed to be an ideal workspace for toddlers to engage in educational activities while also encouraging independence and creativity. The height of the table is just right for easy accessibility, and the durable construction ensures this stylish piece will stand up to wear and tear. With its sleek modern design, ample storage space underneath, and vibrant colors, this eye-catching table will give your toddler’s playroom a touch of style.



The Libo Toddler Table (24×24) is an ideal piece of Montessori-style furniture for young children. It is crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials to ensure your little one’s safety during playtime. The table is designed with a smooth fine-finish top, perfect for activities such as painting and writing or can be used as a place to meal time snacks. Its sturdy legs are equipped with a rubberized base which provides extra stability for curious toddlers and ensures the table won’t slip or slide when bumped into. Kids will love this fun, modern look that fits perfectly with their Montessori materials. This unique piece of furniture makes an ideal addition to any kid’s room or nursery!


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