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Libo Blindfold Sensorial Material is a Montessori material designed to help children enhance their senses of touch, smell and sound. It is a soft and comfortable blindfold with adjustable straps that can be used to create an environment of sensory deprivation. The blindfold encourages children to explore the materials around them with all their senses, leading to increased concentration and developing problem-solving skills. This product is perfect for introducing children to the Montessori philosophy of experiential learning through tactile exploration.



The Libo Blindfold is a high quality, child-safe Montessori Teaching Aid designed to foster sensory development in children. This blindfold is crafted from soft, natural materials and features a fine finish to ensure maximum comfort for the user and complete safety during use. The material is breathable, allowing for comfortable extended wear, ideal for sensory learning activities like navigating objects and textures by touch. The Libo Blindfold is perfect for incorporating into Montessori classrooms or at home learning environments as part of activities that aim to encourage exploration, problem solving and the development of tactile senses.

The Libo Blindfold is an essential piece of equipment within any Montessori Sensorial material collection due to its strength and durability. It features secure stitching and reinforced elastic headband meaning it will last through many uses in a classroom setting or at home with individual children. With this premium level of quality parents can rest assured that their kids are safe when wearing the Libo Blindfold as well as enjoying all the sensory benefits it brings during play time.


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