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Pink Tower

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The Pink Tower from Libo is a Montessori sensorial material that helps children practice and develop their visual-spatial perception. It is made from 10 pink wooden cubes that are all of different sizes, encouraging kids to stack, match, and compare for hours of creative play. Designed for children aged 2 and up, it can help increase their concentration as they learn colors, shapes and sizes.



The Libo Pink Tower is a must-have sensorial Montessori material for young children. Made from child safe materials, it is designed to help children develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. With its smooth surface and bright colors, the Libo Pink Tower brings an element of fun to learning while still providing educational benefits.

The Libo Pink Tower is made with the highest quality solid wood construction and finished with non-toxic paint for a durable finish that will last through many years of playtime. It includes 8 pink blocks in different sizes that can be stacked to form a tower, helping children learn spatial reasoning and problem-solving strategies. Perfect for use at home or in classrooms, this set of Montessori teaching aids can provide a positive learning experience every time!


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