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Knobless Cylinder

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The Libo Knobless Cylinder is a Sensorial Montessori material designed to develop a child’s sense of touch and hand-eye coordination. It consists of five cylinder pieces that differ in size, shape and colour and feature no knob handles for children to grab on to. Kids must use their finger tips and fingertips to find the differences between the cylinder pieces, learning about sizes, shapes, colors, textures and more. This sensory play activity is perfect for introducing young learners to essential math skills like counting and sorting with ease.



The Libo Knobless Cylinder is a high-quality sensorial Montessori material that is excellent for enhancing children’s learning experience. It is crafted with child-safe materials and boasts a fine finish that makes it durable and robust. It consists of two cylinders of different sizes with no knobs so that children can fit one inside the other, learn their sizes and compare their volumes.

This Montessori Teaching Aid helps develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and observation skills in kids while improving their analytical thinking by exploring different shapes and dimensions. With its sleek design, strong construction, non-toxic materials, this Knobless Cylinder from Libo is an essential tool for early childhood development.


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