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Fourth Box of Colour Tablets

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The Fourth Box of Colour Tablets by Libo is a high-quality Montessori Sensorial product designed to help refine children’s ability to recognize, differentiate and match colors. This set includes two sets of tablets with each tablet featuring a different color on both sides. The sizes of the tablets progress in size from the smallest at one end to larger at the other, allowing children to distinguish between shades, hues and tints. With eight vibrant colors and double-sided color tiles, this set helps provide an engaging sensory experience that helps children learn about basic color concepts.



The Fourth Box of Colour Tablets by Libo is an essential sensorial Montessori material for developing and exploring colour recognition. This premium, child-safe set is carefully crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure a fine finish with lasting durability. The tablets in this box are painted in clear and distinct colours for easy identification, and also feature seperate edges for matching them with their corresponding frames. This set includes six separate boxes of table sets which can be used to demonstrate the relationship between hues, tones, substances, shades and tints. Ideal for ages 3+, these Montessori teaching aids provide children with a fun yet educational way to learn more about colour combinations. With a simple design that encourages creative exploration, Libo’s Fourth Box of Colour Tablets is an essential resource for any Montessori classroom or home library.


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