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Broad Stir Stool

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Libo Broad Stir Stool is a must-have Sensorial material for any Montessori environment. Featuring a wide and sturdy seat, the stool allows children to use it while they work on their activities with comfort. The stool has an ergonomic design with perfectly rounded corners that make it comfortable and safe to use, allowing children to move around freely without worrying about scratches or bumps. Its solid wooden construction ensures durability and its natural finish adds a touch of elegance to the piece. With its simple yet practical design, this broad stir stool from Libo will last for years, making it the perfect choice for Montessori learning spaces!



The Broad Stir Stool from Libo is the perfect addition to any Montessori classroom! This sensorial material is designed with child safety in mind, and has been crafted with the highest-quality materials. The solid wood base features a smooth, high quality veneer finish that is sure to withstand years of use. The top of the stool features an extra wide seat for optimal comfort, and it also has two bars for children to grab onto.

This versatile Montessori teaching aid encourages children to engage their senses and develop coordination skills as they practice balancing. With its durable construction and attractive design, this stool will be an appreciated addition to any home or classroom setting. Its neutral colors also allow it to fit seamlessly into any decor. Perfect for young learners, the Broad Stir Stool from Libo provides your students with a safe and comfortable way to engage their senses in a fun learning environment!


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