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Read Rods

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The Read Rods Sensorial Montessori Materials by Libo are designed to help children identify and learn to read letters, simple words, and numbers. Made with durable material, the rod set of red, blue, yellow and green color-coded rods encourage tactile exploration while helping them recognize patterns and sequences. The interchangeable rods provide hands-on fun as they can be assembled in different combinations allowing children to gain familiarity with basic foundations of reading. This educational tool gives them the opportunity to develop their reading skills while having a great time!



Libo Read Rods are sensorial Montessori materials designed to help children learn how to read in a fun and interactive way. The rods are designed from child-safe materials that are durable enough for long lasting use. The high quality of the rods is evident in the smooth fine finish, making them a great addition to any classroom or home environment. Each set consists of 6 rods, each one representing a different letter sound and complete with its own carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

The Read Rods offer an innovative approach to teaching language that incorporate modern methods of teaching with the traditional Montessori teaching aids which have been proven successful through years of education. Through activities like tracing, matching and labeling, these ‘read’ rods help children develop their literacy skills while providing them with an enjoyable experience. Due to its accessibility, this product is suitable for parents who want to introduce early reading concepts at home as well as teachers who are hoping to motivate their students in an engaging way.


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