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Baric Tablets

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Libo Baric Tablets are a perfect Montessori sensorial material designed to help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and tactile sensitivity. This product consists of seven wooden tablets with different shapes, sizes and textures that can be used for sorting, stacking and other activities. The brightly colored tablets encourage exploration and imagination while providing the opportunity to practice gross motor skills. The tabletop design allows you to keep the pieces organized while they explore the world of shapes, sizes and textures. With these vibrant tablets children can explore their environment in a fun and engaging way!



Baric Tablets from Libo are sensorial Montessori materials that are designed to help children explore their physical and sensory worlds. These high quality tablets provide excellent tactile experiences and enable children to develop tactile language and compare objects in a meaningful way. The tablets come in simple rectangular shapes with a fine finish that makes them very child-safe, while providing an appealing visual presentation. These Montessori teaching aids are ideal for use in classrooms, preschools and home settings where they can offer inviting, interactive opportunities for understanding the physical environment. With the aid of these tablets, children can explore shape, size and colour through tactile learning activities. The structure of the tablets also encourages mathematical development as each tablet is similar enough to encourage comparisons but different enough to challenge kids’ thinking skills.


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