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Constructive Triangles

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The Libo Constructive Triangles sensorial activity allows children to recognize a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. With different colored pieces of wood that fit together just like a puzzle, they will learn to differentiate between the shapes and become more aware of size relationships. The set includes one big triangle, two different colored medium triangles and three small ones. This activity will help develop hand-eye coordination, creative thinking skills and problem solving abilities. It can be used by age groups from 2 years old upwards in both home or classroom settings.



Constructive Triangles, by Libo, is a set of Sensorial Montessori Materials which provides children with an effective learning environment. The materials are made using child safe materials and feature a fine finish and high quality craftsmanship. Constructive Triangles are specifically designed to help children develop their skills in geometry and spatial awareness. This set comes with vibrant colors for the triangles, making it easy for children to identify shapes. The pieces fit together snuggly so kids can make various shapes from multiple angles and learn geometry principles at the same time. Constructive Triangles also provide an engaging experience for young minds as they create various shapes. This set from Libo is an ideal teaching aid tool used by Montessori teachers in early childhood education settings as it contributes to fostering essential learning skills in kids.


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